Input Data Format

  1. Can strike and dip be entered using bearing notation? For example, how would I represent the following orientations: N15ºE/65ºE  N15ºE/65ºW ?

  2. What is STRIKE RIGHT & STRIKE LEFT? Can the column just be called STRIKE?

  3. I am trying to define a plane orientation on the stereonet (e.g. with the Add Plane option), but the dialog is asking for Trend/Plunge data. I want to input Strike/Dip or Dip/Dip Direction, not Trend/Plunge. How can I do this?

  4. What is the difference between the Dip/Dip Direction convention and the Trend/Plunge convention? When we toggle between Dip/Dip Direction and Trend/Plunge we see what appears as a plunge measured from the vertical, i.e. if dip is 60, then plunge is 30 degrees. Can you please clear up our confusion between these two conventions used in Dips?

  5. How can I import data from Microsoft Excel into Dips

  6. Can the column labeled "Traverse" be moved to the first column position?

  7. Can a prefix be added in front of ID, i.e. A35 instead of just 35?