Why is there a limit of 30,000 intersections in the Preferences dialog?

With large data files you end up with millions of intersections, which grinds the plotting to a halt. An arbitrary default limit of 30,000 is set in the Preferences dialog in the File menu. You can increase this number as required, but the display and plotting of intersections may take a very long time, and you may also run into memory limitations on your computer.


If n=number of poles, then the number of possible intersections is given by:


See the Intersections Overview topic in the online help for more information.


Keep in mind that the limit in the Preferences dialog refers to intersections (not poles), and the limit is a display option (i.e. if the number of intersections exceeds this limit, then the intersections will NOT be plotted or contoured). Calculations involving intersections (such as kinematic analysis of wedge sliding) will still be carried out.



Dips Preferences dialog (from the File menu)