Why is some data not being displayed on the Rosette Plot?

The reason you may not be seeing some data on the Rosette Plot is because, by default, the Rosette plot is intended to display planes which are more likely to intersect the viewing plane (i.e. planes which are more perpendicular to the viewing plane, rather than parallel).

 To change this setting, go to the Rosette Options dialog (you can right-click on the Rosette Plot) and change the minimum angle between plane and view face from 45 degrees (the default) to zero.  This will display ALL of your planes of the Rosette plot.  For more information see the Angular Limits help topic.

By default the Rosette Plot only displays planes which intersect the viewing plane at an angle between 45 degrees and 90 degrees (perpendicular).  This is because the Rosette is intended to simulate a visual impression of the intersection of planes with the viewing face. 

Remember that the Rosette Plot in Dips is a representation of the STRIKE of the intersection of joint planes with the viewing planes.  In the case of an arbitrary viewing plane, the Rosette displays the “apparent strike” of the plane intersections with the viewing plane (e.g. if the viewing plane is vertical then the rosette represents apparent strike).  See the Rosette Applications help topic for more information.