How can I share default settings with different users?

In Dips the settings are saved inside each file so when you share a file, whatever you see is what the recipient will see as well.  

If you would like to share just the display settings, in the sidebar that appears when you’re looking at a stereonet plot view there is a button (a save icon) to export your current display settings.  That is, it will export whatever display settings the current file is using.  The file you exported contains only display settings at that point.  Anyone can import the settings from that file, using the import button (an open icon) that is directly beside the export button on the sidebar.

Futhermore, if you want your current settings as the default for all new files, you use the set default button (a check mark icon) on the sidebar.  That way any new documents from then on will automatically use those settings.

If you want to share identical settings with your office you should set them as your default, export them to a file and send the file to everyone who will import the settings into a document.  They will then set those settings as their default as well.  Any files from then on will use those display settings.  Finally, you can import those settings into existing documents as well to ensure consistency.

If you like to share absolutely everything, if you look in the Program Settings Folder, which by default is C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Rocscience\Dips 6.0, you will see numerous files.  You can also change that folder by going to File>Preferences.  You will have to ensure you’ve set the defaults for everything on the first computer using set defaults in the appropriate dialogs.  The following files should be there:

  • contour options prests.ini
  • default contour options.ini
  • default diplsay.ini
  • default global symbols.ini
  • default scatter settings.ini
  • default symbolic symbols.ini
  • locked symbols.ini

Once all defaults are set correctly on one machine, copy the files to the Program Settings Folder on everyone elses machine.  They should then have identical settings in all regards.


Additional Tip:

In the Preferences dialog, if you right-click on the Program Settings Folder path, a popup menu will appear with Open Folder and Copy options.  This allows you to easily go directly to this folder. This should speed up the Copy procedure considerably.