How are Dips files saved?

Dips 6 saves information in two separate files.  

If I save a file with the name FILENAME it will create FILENAME.dips6, which contains the grid and traverse information.  This is essentially the base orientation data.  A file named FILENAME.dipsvs is also saved, and this file contains information on joint sets, tools, and open views.  The two files are automatically opened together if they reside in the same directory and have the same name to seamlessly load the previous document state.

If the *.dips6 file is copied to another directory without the *.dipsvs file you will lose joint sets, tools and the open stereonet views. Dips 6 will not open *.dipsvs files on their own so it shouldn’t be a problem (although it is worth noting you can import *.dipsvs file into a different file to apply the same sets using File > Import > Import Planes/Tools File).