In the processed file, why is the Number of Poles sometimes greater than the Number of Entries?

If your Dips file contains a Quantity Column, then the Number of Poles can be greater than the Number of Entries.  The number of entries is simply the number of rows in the Dips file.  The number of poles accounts for the values in the Quantity Column (for example: if the Quantity = 2 for all rows, then the number of poles would be 2X the number of entries).

When you save a processed file, if the original file contained traverses, the traverse information is not saved in the processed file.  If you select the “multiply quantity column by Terzaghi weighting” checkbox in the processed file dialog, this creates the Q*W column (Quantity x Terzaghi weighting) in the processed file.  The effect of this is, when you view a contour plot in the processed file, you will actually see the weighted contours, because Quantity is multiplied by weighting.  This is equivalent to viewing the weighted contours in the original file.

Note that the Terzaghi weighting option is not available in the processed file, because this processed file does not contain any traverse information.  The Q*W column allows you to effectively preserve the Terzaghi correction in the processed file, even though the traverse information is not stored in the file.