How do I enter borehole data into Dips?

If your data is from an oriented core (alpha/beta values) then you use the Borehole traverse option in Dips, and enter the data as described in the Online Help.  See this related article for more information:  Can I convert alpha/beta from an oriented core drilling into dip/dip direction or strike/dip data?

If your borehole data has already been processed into true dip and dip direction, then you do not use the borehole traverse option.  In this case, you can define the borehole as a linear traverse (for the purpose of using the Terzaghi weighting for bias correction).  See this related article for more information:  How can I correct the bias of televiewer data (dip and dip direction) in Dips?  Note that if the borehole is curved, then you can split the traverse into approximately linear sections and define a separate traverse for each section.