How can I view the forces acting in, as well as the capacity of, the liner?

Plotting forces acting on the liner

Moments, shear, and axial forces can all be plotted using the Show Values option in the Analysis menu of the Interpreter.  You can also right-click on the beam elements to use the Show Values option.  See Tutorial 3 (page 3-22) for more information.


Show Values dialog 



Axial Forces plotted for liner


Support Capacity Plots

If you are modeling reinforced concrete, piles, or steel sets, that have different cross sections, use the Reinforced Concrete liner type in the Define Liner Properties dialog.  See Tutorial 24 and Tutorial 33 for more information on using this option.  From the support capacity envelopes you can export all the moments, shear, and axial forces in the particular support element.


Support Capacity Plot dialog



Support Capacity plots for reinforced concrete liner