How can I see exactly what liner layer fails?

An RS2 file with the extension .fez is just a zip file.  You can unzip the file and the liner results are written in the file with the extension r0#.  Note that to unzip the file, first change the file extension from .fez to .zip.

The liner results are located at the end of the file and the formatting is as follows:

  1. Element number
  2. Number of failed layers (liner element is divided into 100 layers)
  3. Liner formulation approach
  4. Connected node number and its forces

An excerpt from an output file is shown in the figure below.  The following information is being displayed:

  1. Element number = 5107
  2. Number of failed layers = 0
  3. Liner formulation approach = Timoshenko Beam
  4. Connected node 1: number, σx, σy, σxy, σz = 40, -3.95, -0.00174, 0.0055, 0
  5. Connected node 2: number, σx, σy, σxy, σz = 40, -3.95, -0.00174, 0.0055, 0



Excerpt from RS2 output file .r01