I want to further explore the slope failure mechanism using a finite element tool. Can I export my model to Phase2?

Yes, a RocTopple model can be exported to Phase2. RocTopple is a simple to use analysis tool for evaluating block toppling in rock slopes. It provides a preliminary analysis. The user is highly encouraged to explore the slope failure mechanism through alternative tools, such as a comprehensive finite element or discrete element software.

In the Export to Phase2 Tutorial, we’ll be demonstrating RocTopple’s “Export to Phase2” option and subsequently how to setup a block toppling model in Phase2. Phase2 is a finite element stress analysis software. With joint network implementation, Phase2 can also predict the failure mechanism and shear strength reduction factor for jointed rock mass.

The finished product of this tutorial can be found in the Tutorial 04 Export to Phase2.rtop file. Tutorial files installed with RocTopple 1.0 can be accessed by selecting File > Recent Folders > Tutorials Folder from the RocTopple main menu.


Topics Covered in this Tutorial include:

  • Export to Phase2
  • Model setup in Phase2
    • Initial Stresses
    • Boundary Conditions
    • Mesh Sensitivity and Custom Meshing
    • Material and Joint Properties
    • Shear Strength Reduction Factor
  • Model Interpretation in Phase2



Comparison of RocTopple and Phase2 results