How can I account for uncertainty in my input parameters?

In a Probabilistic Analysis, you can define statistical distributions for input parameters (e.g. slope geometry, shear strength, water level), to account for uncertainty in their values. When the analysis is computed, this results in a distribution of safety factors, from which a probability of failure (PF) is calculated.

The Probabilistic Analysis Tutorial will familiarize the user with the Probabilistic Analysis
features of RocTopple. 

The finished product of this tutorial can be found in the Tutorial 02 Probabilistic.rtop file. Tutorial files installed with RocTopple 1.0 can be accessed by selecting File > Recent Folders > Tutorials Folder from the RocTopple main menu.

 Topics Covered in this Tutorial include:

  • Project Settings
  • Random Variables
  • Mean Slope
  • Histograms
  • Scatter Plots
  • Cumulative Plots
  • Info Viewer