Technical Questions/Capabilities

  1. How can I create a Dips file for import into Unwedge?

  2. Where do you look up values for cable bond strength, anchor capacity, and plate capacity?

  3. I have a binder from DYWIDAG that contains specs for various bolts and anchors but I cannot locate values for the parameters requested in Unwedge. Why?

  4. I have an Excel spreadsheet with joint orientation information. How do I import this into Unwedge? Can I import this data into Dips, process it, then import it into Unwedge?

  5. Can I truncate the wedge size with a fourth plane (e.g. representing a ground surface for example)?

  6. How can I obtain values of shotcrete shear strength? Is there a method of estimating shotcrete shear strength?

  7. How can I model the intersection of two tunnels with Unwedge?