Can I run a probabilistic analysis in Unwedge?

There is not a way to do a probabilistic analysis directly in Unwedge.

However, you may be able to work around this, by following the procedure below:

  1. Write a program to read in the Unwedge data file with the .weg extension and write out 1000 files with variable properties.  The .weg file is an ascii text file that is human readable and easy to figure out.  Place all the 1000 files in a folder.
  2. Open a blank Unwedge document.  The following command will not work if you have a file open or if you have no documents open.
  3. Batch run all the analyses using the undocumented WriteResults command (type "WriteResults" into the command line and press Enter).  What this command allows you to do is pick a folder and have the program run all the files in that folder, saving the results of each file to a file with a .wer extension.
  4. Write a program to post process the .wer files.  All the wedge information for the 1000 analyses are in these files.


Execute WriteResults command from blank Unwedge document