What barrier results can I obtain from a RocFall analysis?

RocFall provides the following results (see Graphing Overview in the Online Help for details):

  • Slope-wide graphs
    • Endpoint Locations
    • Translational Kinetic Energy Envelope
    • Rotational Kinetic Energy Envelope
    • Bounce Height Envelope
    • Translational Velocity Envelope
    • Rotational Velocity Envelope
  • Distribution Graphs (obtained at X locations along the slope)
    • Total Kinetic Energy
    • Translational Kinetic Energy
    • Rotational Kinetic Energy
    • Bounce Height
    • Translational Velocity
    • Rotational Velocity
  • Barrier and Data Collector Graphs
    • Horizontal Impact Location
    • Vertical Impact Location
    • Translational Impact Velocity
    • Rotational Impact Velocity
    • Translational Impact Energy
    • Rotational Impact Energy

You can use these results, in particular the Barrier and Data Collector Graphs, to determine the type, location, and capacity of required barriers.