How can I import a slope into RocFall from Slide?

There are two options for importing a slope from Slide into RocFall:

  1. Use AutoCAD to edit the polyline, removing side and bottom segments.
  2. Do the following:
    1. Save the Slide model to a temporary file name, since you'll be modifying the geometry and don't want to save over the original model.
    2. Delete all material boundaries.
    3. Select the Boundaries>Expand/Shrink External menu option.
    4. Starting at the right side of the model, add 4 points as shown in the image below, basically adding a box to the top.
    5. The program will ask whether to convert deleted segments of external boundaries to material boundaries.  Press the Yes button.  This will convert the slope boundary to a material boundary.
    6. Select the File>Export>Export DXF menu option in Slide.  Select Material Boundaries in the DXF options table.  You do not want to export the external, just the material boundary representing the ground surface.  Press the Export Button.  Enter a DXF file name and press Save.
    7. Exit Slide and start RocFall.
    8. DXF Import the material boundary saved in Step 6.


Model from Slide Tutorial 1 with External boundary converted to Material Boundary for DXF export