How do I use empirical methods in Settle3D?

The empirical method options in Settle3D are independent of other modeling and analysis options in the program.  To apply an empirical settlement method:

  1. Select a method from the Empirical menu (Schmertmann, Peck, Hanson and Thornburn, Schultze and Sherif, D’Appolonia, and Burland and Burbidge)
  2. Use the mouse to select the rectangular and/or circular loads you would like to analyze
  3. You will see a dialog corresponding to the selected empirical method.  Select the Calculate checkbox at the top of the dialog.  This will enable the data input for the empirical method.
  4. To define the number and thickness of soil layers:
    1. You can copy the existing soil profile from the Soil Layers dialog by selecting the Copy form Soil Layers button
    2. Alternatively, you can use the Insert Above or Insert Below buttons to create the desired number of soil layers.  In this case, the soil profile you create will be independent of the information which is entered in the Soil Layers dialog.
  5. Enter the required parameters for each soil layer according to the empirical method you have chosen
  6. Select OK and the empirical analysis method will be applied to the selected load(s), and the results will immediately be displayed in a textbox beside the load.  The results consist of a single settlement value for each selected load.