How do I determine the time to consolidation using Settle3D?

Settle3D can compute the time to a certain degree of consolidation in the material below an embankment using a Time Query.

To set up a Time Query select Query>Time Points>Add Time Point, and the following dialog will appear.


Setting up a Time Query (Time Point Properties dialog)


You choose to base the query on either Degree of Consolidation or Total Settlement, and enter the value for which you’d like to calculate the required time.  You also need to specify the Stage from which the time is to be calculated. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  A Time Point Query only computes the time based on the current load state.  If the load changes after the time point stage (i.e. if loads are added or removed) the time point is not aware of the change in load state after the time point stage.  Therefore, if you have a staged loading, you must add the time point at the final loading stage that you wish to consider.

After the results have been calculated, you have the option to create a new stage corresponding to the calculated time.