How do I model cut and fill in Settle3D?

In Settle3D, cut and fill can be specified using the Advanced Embankment Staging dialog of the Embankment Designer.  


Advanced Embankment Staging enables simple cut and fill procedures


Advanced Embankment Staging options include Add to Left, Add to Right, and Remove.  For any layer of the embankment, you can add material to the left or to the right.  Note that the side angles cannot be changed using the Add to Left or Add to Right options.  When removing embankment layers also note that if you remove a layer not at the top of the embankment, all layers above are also removed.

While the Advanced Embankment Staging option is good for smaller cut and fill operations, larger changes to embankment geometry need to be done using a different method.  For larger changes, you need to delete the entire embankment and replace it with the new embankment, all in the same Stage.