<b>Underground Wedge Stability Analysis</b><br><br> <i>Unwedge</i> is an interactive program for analyzing the geometry and stability of 3D wedges formed by structural discontinuities and underground excavations. <i>Unwedge</i> calculates factors of safety for potentially unstable wedges and models the influence of support systems on wedge stability. Use <i>Unwedge</i> to create a model, perform a safety factor analysis, place reinforcement and interpret the results. Joint orientations can be imported into <i>Unwedge</i> from <i>Dips</i>. <br><br>For a comprehensive program overview, including a description of available features and options, see the <a href="http://rocscience.com/help/unwedge/webhelp/Unwedge.htm">Online Help</a>.